The Future of Healthcare Belongs to Technology…and YOU!

Author: Dr. Nhan Nguyễn Date Created: 09/15/23

The year 2017 brings a continuation of exciting transformations in healthcare.  The Affordable Care Act has been in place for almost eight years, and the Trump Administration seeks to pass alternative healthcare plans.  Regardless of the politics in how healthcare gets paid for or patient accessibility, the exciting underlying changes in the future of healthcare involve more interesting and impactful areas of healthcare…technology and YOU!

As of 2016, there are over 256,000 health related apps available for download, all covering a variety of healthcare areas – chronic disease management, wellness, mental health and others.  The number of apps continues to grow at an astonishing pace.  Technology is bringing healthcare to your front door with apps that provide house visits by physicians; personal care models are being developed to help streamline and mobilize healthcare delivery as patients become more mobile; and medicines being developed, such as immunotherapy, are bringing the dawn of the true age of personalized medicine.  This technological advancement in healthcare is leading to one conclusion – empowering YOU to take more control of your health and wellbeing. 

By matching YOU with care providers on a very personalized level, is leading the way as a platform to empower you and your family to take control of WHO is providing the care to you.  Our platform matches your requirements to care providers on over 50+ qualitative and quantitative variables to ensure the person taking care of you matches precisely to what you are seeking – HELPING YOU FIND THE RIGHT PROVIDER THE FIRST TIME. 

Empowerment.  Opportunity.  Achievement.  These are the values endorses for all in healthcare – patient and families, care providers and the companies that hire them.  As we prepare for the launch of our technology platform this year, we are excited to have over 2000+ care providers in our database ready to serve patients in a personalized way.  We are excited to be joining the future of healthcare alongside this wave of technological advancement and most importantly alongside YOU.  Visit our blog often as we will provide exciting updates on our development, information and education, and thought and commentary on transformational evolutions in healthcare.